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TB and Infertility

TB (Tuberculosis) and Infertility are closely related to each other and the former is the cause of another. Tuberculosis has been biologically proved as the biggest cause of not only mortality and morbidity, but also infertility across the world. This disease is growing at a fast pace in both developed as well as developing countries. It occurs in both men and women, but female reproductive system being highly sensitive, is largely vulnerable to this infectious disease. Tuberculosis impacts the human body negatively and leads to infertility, irregularity in menstrual cycle, pregnancy issues and increase in morbidity of both mother and infant. Medicines that are used in the treatment to cure tuberculosis have the worst effects on female health and reproductive system.

Being a highly infectious disease, TB causes infertility in men as well as women. This harmful or deadly disease does not show any kind of symptom in the starting phase until the infection has become advanced and reached to a severe level. In case of women, tuberculosis occurs in fallopian tubes and uterus whereas in male, it occurs in epididymo-orchitis. When the genital tract get infected by tuberculosis, then it causes infertility. This form of tuberculosis is known as Genital TB and it is very difficult to diagnose. Genital TB distort the normal anatomy of the reproductive tract and affects the fertility to a great extent. More than 10% women suffer from infertility problem due to Genital TB.

Diagnosing this form of TB is too complex as it requires culturing the tubercle bacillus and test them in the lab. This is a time taking process and until it ensures positive results, the patent will reach critical stage. One new treatment available to cure Genital TB is known as LIT (Lymphocyte Immune Therapy). Patients must go for Genital TB diagnostic test from expert doctors to get rid of infertility problem.