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Surrogacy is a kind of agreement done between two parties- one is couple who is not able to achieve  pregnancy naturally and second is the female who's going to give birth to their baby by IVF treatment or by using donated sperms and eggs. Here, the intended couple can go for a surrogacy arrangement in case the pregnancy is not possible by medical treatment. Sometimes, few couples are not able to achieve pregnancy due to medical problems in their sex organs or other reasons. Sometime these issues are not easily cured by IVF treatment. In this case, the couple who still wants to attain parenthood can go for the option of surrogacy. In this procedure, the couple needs to hire a surrogate mother who is ready to give birth to their child by taking sperm or eggs of the couple and get it subjected into her womb for fertilization to grow naturally. As a result, the couple can become parents successfully. However, they have to make a legal agreement with the surrogate mother for taking part in this process and give birth to their baby. Sometimes, the monetary benefits may also be involved in this case.

Here, surrogacy can be of two types such as gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy.

Gestational Surrogacy
In this type of surrogacy, the surrogate mother will have to grow the embryo created by IVF treatment in her womb and give birth to the child of the needy couple. Here, the baby can be genetically different from surrogate mother. Gestational surrogacy is also termed as gestational carriers.

Traditional Surrogacy
This type of surrogacy gives result in the form of a genetically related child of the surrogate mother, who gives birth to a child naturally.

In India, there are many couples, who are not able to give birth to their babies due to medical or sexual issues, which cannot be cured through any ways. In this condition, they need to hire surrogate mothers, who can give birth to their babies by artificial means. To make such actions legal or authentic, the rule of surrogate agreement is required to be followed to get authority of the baby legally. Hence, many couples make such legal agreements with surrogate females and give them some money to fulfill their intended purpose..

The rate of surrogacy problems in India is also increasing day by day as the parents are failing to achieve pregnancy due to their sexual disabilities or infertility problems. The reasons behind such problems can be health issues, sexual disorders, hormonal problems, and other medical  reasons. These are few factors, which may restrict couples to give birth to their babies naturally or the reasons they become medically unfit to achieve pregnancy. So, they need to adopt the option of surrogacy to be parent of an adopted baby legally.

Below are medical reasons that might make surrogacy necessary for you such as:

  • Deficiency or failure of the womb
  • Continuous loss of pregnancy
  • Repeated failures of IVF treatment
  • Sexual disorders


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