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Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is a useful treatment that helps in diagnosing genetic defects or chromosomal deficiency in the embryo created by IVF treatment. This test is required to check quality of an embryo genetically and remove all risks or disorders attached with the embryo during IVF cycle. This is a complete genetic analysis of embryo that tells about the arrangement of chromosomes and their numbers in embryo. However, doctors can identify the flaws and defects in genes transferred in to the embryo created by IVF treatment and remove the problem, if persists on time.

Why PGD Treatment?

  • PGD is necessary for those women who have faced multiple IVF treatments.
  • PGD is required for women having recurrent miscarriages.
  • PGD is for women of old age i. e. more than 38 years.
  • PGD is necessary for women having repeated embryo transfers without achieving pregnancy.
  • PGD is applicable for patients having disturbed genetic and chromosomal numbers during pregnancy.
  • PGD is required for both partners carrying single gene mutations that may affect health of the future child.


Benefits of PGD Treatment

  • Complete removal of genetic disorders and chromosomal flaws to achieve pregnancy successfully.
  • This treatment benefits pre- implantation of embryo into woman's womb and help in delivering child genetically same and safe.
  • PGD helps in increasing chances to get a child with no genetic disorders.
  • PGD saves child from any parental genetic flaws and remove them at the first step.

We, at Joy IVF provide a complete and effective PGD treatment that enable patients to get a genetically safe and healthy child. Our team of finest PGD specialists and IVF doctors includes experts, who can perform these genetic test or chromosomal arrangement treatment for embryo. We make the treatment successful and result oriented with our valued PGD services and well furnished clinic that is suitable to perform these operations under favorable conditions. We charge reasonably for PGD diagnose and give cost-effective treatment to our patients ensuring good results.