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PESA (Per cutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration)

Being a complex problem, infertility is not only a major concern with females, it can be a drastic situation with males as well. In most infertile cases, males are also responsible for the failure in conceiving. In India, there are many males, who have less sperm counts and they blame their partners or females to be responsible for not conceiving. But exactly, it's vice versa, there are many males in India, who have low sperm counts and their strength to fertilize the egg for achieving pregnancy naturally. Here, the males are responsible to create the condition of infertility instead of females.

What is Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA)?
This is the process through which sperm count of a male can be determined. It is important to check the numbers of sperm and its quality to fertilize egg to get a female pregnant. This is a complex treatment done in laboratory under favorable conditions. For this treatment, doctors collect the sperm of male by introducing needle into the testicles, where the sperms are usually stored. After that the stored sperm will go for laboratory check in terms of its counts and quality. If there is any flaw or a less count in sperm, then the male is recommended to go for a diagnosis for possible modes of IVF treatments.

We, at Joy IVF Clinic are pioneers in providing high quality and accurate PESA services for infertile males. Our finest and experienced IVF doctors are instrumental in serving male patients by checking their sperm counts and quality as per their requirement. Our mode of sperm quality check is based on the latest industry norms and are effective to give right results as soon as possible. We test sperms in males at all parameters of quality and counts to find valid reasons of their disabilities or failure in conceiving. We ensure giving accurate and genuine results for checking the quality of sperm and its numbers by possible diagnosis in a high-tech laboratory. So, infertile males facing the issue of less sperm count or any other problem, they can approach our clinic and can experience a complete solution to this problem with positive results at Joy IVF Clinic.