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This kind of surgical process allows the diagnosis of internal organs. For this, a fabric-optic instrument is used which is inserted into the patients abdomen to view the positioning and working of the internal organs. The major element used for this type of surgery is laparoscope, a fiber-optic cable that is inserted into the human body through the abdomen or chest cavity for internal diagnosis.

Laparoscopy is a modern surgical technique in which human abdomen gets a small incision up to 0.5- 1.5 cm for internal check up of abdomen. This treatment helps to view the working of various internal organs like liver, kidney, uterus, ovaries,  and other pelvic cavities. There are two types of laparoscopy such as:

Telescope Rod Lens System
This type of laparoscopy includes a video camera (single chip or three chip) in the fabric-optic tube that takes a clear view of internal organs' working.

Digital Laparoscope
In this laparoscopy, a charged-coupled device is attached at the end of laparoscope tube that helps in operating the tube to perform the operation inside.

Laparoscopy is Helpful in Diagnosis of:

  • Infertility
  • Endometriosis
  • Ovarian cyst
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Pelvic pain

Advantages of Laparoscopy:

  • A complete internal organ diagnosis & treatment
  • Less time consumption in treatment
  • Easy recovery
  • Same day discharge
  • No hassle during operation
  • Less surgical adhesion formation
  • No scars after operation

We, at Joy IVF offer high quality and secure laparoscopy treatment to patients. Our team of finest doctors and surgeons ensure complete diagnosis of patient's internal organs by using high quality laparascope tube. We provide easy treatment and relive patients on same day. We perform these operation in our fully-equipped clinic under the supervision of expert doctors. Thus, our laparoscopy services are highly reliable and cost-effective.