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IVF Treatment

The Joy IVF treatment centre in Delhi, India provides our patients with the highest quality of personalized care.

Some fertility problems are more easily treated than others. In general, as a woman ages, especially after the age of 35, her chances of getting pregnant goes down. But her risk of miscarriage goes up. Before you and your partner starts treatment for infertility, you should decide the extent to which you want to take the treatment, as you may want to try medicine but don't want to have surgery. You may change your mind during your treatment, but it's good to start with an idea of what you want your limits to be. There are many treatments which can be done to cure female and male infertility such as IUI (Intrauterine Insemination), pre IVF investigations, IVF treatment, IVF programme, ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), cryopreservation, blastocyst embryo transfer, assisted hatching, PGD, PESA (Per Cutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration), hysteroscopy and laparoscopy.

Among these, IVF process is the most commonly used treatments. IVF helps a couple to conceive a child if they have been having difficulties getting it naturally. IVF treatment Centers in Delhi are sprouting by the number. The rise in the number of infertility treatment centres in Delhi India offering a low cost IVF treatment is also a major reason why most people are being aware of IVF treatments and opting for this perfectly safe method.

We, at Joy IVF treatment center in Delhi NCR has earned accolades for providing best IVF treatment using cutting-edge technology and advancements in medicine. We have a specialist team of doctors to help and assist you through the whole procedures and treatment We have experienced doctors with a successful track record which ensures that the struggling couples have their bundle of joy in their arms, as soon as possible. We focus on patient care by offering them full range of testing, diagnostics and therapies. The machines used are fully equipped, which are designed with state-of-the-art-technology.

IVF Treatment Centre in Delhi:

Developed more than 30 years ago, IVF is the original test tube baby technique. IVF, i. e. In-Vitro Fertilization, in which the embryos are created in a test-tube, the babies are thus, called test-tube babies, and the fertilized embryos are implanted in the uterus to begin the process of pregnancy. In IVF, not every embryo implanted leads to pregnancy thus, surplus embryos are frozen - so that a subsequent transfer might be tried if the first one fails. IVF is used to overcome female infertility caused due to problems in fallopian tubes, making natural fertilization difficult. It is also used to assist in male infertility, wherein the sperm cell directly injected to the egg cell, causing pregnancy. With egg donation and IVF, women who have past their reproductive years or menopause can still become pregnant.

What is IVF (In vitro Fertilization)?
In vitro Fertilization (IVF) Involve putting the eggs and sperm together outside the human body, by natural selection the egg will usually allow only one sperm to enter and this leads to the fertilization process in the laboratory.
After fertilization, the embryo are allowed to grow for a short period of time before being placed in to the uterus. A successful pregnancy can be confirmed about 2 week later.

Who Is Suitable for IVF?
IVF Treatment is the only fertility treatment for women with irreparably damaged or blocked fallopian tubes or tube has been removed after ectopic pregnancy.

IVF Treatment is also offered when infertile women can not conceive with simple method of treatment for conditions such as:
Ovulatory dysfunction
Un-explained Infertility
Immunological problems and sperm disorder.

Consultation, Counselling and consent:
When attending an IVF clinic for first time, doctor will conduct a consultation and couple will be reviewed in depth about the medical history and conduct physical as well as internal examination. There is a session where the clinician will explain and discuss the procedure/treatment with you. Any question that you have about the treatment can be raised at that time. This will enable you to fully understand the treatment you are about to embark on.
A written consent for IVF / ICSI and cryopreservation / thawing of the embryos is also obtained.

What is IVF Treatment ?
IVF involves combining eggs and sperm outside the body in a laboratory. Once, an embryo or embryos form, they are then placed in the uterus.

What is an IVF Process ?
In IVF, the process of fertilization happens outside the woman’s body. A woman’s eggs are surgically removed and fertilized in a laboratory using sperm that has been given as a sperm sample. Next, the fertilized egg, called an embryo, is surgically implanted into the woman's womb. Typically, one cycle of IVF takes between four and seven weeks.

Who can have IVF?
Anyone who face a problem conceiving naturally can undergo the IVF treatment and procedures.

What are the success rates of IVF?
Per cycle success rate of iIVF is 40% and more. Thus, trying for more than one cycle can make you feel less discouraged, if the first one does not work.

What are the advantages of IVF?
There are many advantages that are listed below:
Helps patients who would be otherwise unable to conceive
Successful than IUI and other forms of assisted reproductive technology
It can help single women and same-sex couples to have a baby
It can help to diagnose fertilization problems
Unused embryos can be donated for research purposes or to another couple who are not able to conceive
It can be used to screen inherited disease

What are the disadvantages of IVF?
The disadvantages are listed below:
An IVF cycle may be unsuccessful
There may be associated side effects such as Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS)
Multiple pregnancy in cases where more than one embryo is implanted
IVF treatment can be expensive
IVF treatment can be highly emotional and stressful experience

Why Choose Joy IVF Treatment Center in Delhi ?
Joy IVF Clinic is a best IVF treatment centre in East Delhi, where you will get in touch with the best IVF specialist doctors. We provide the best advice and treatment to the couples. We use the latest medical technology to give the patients optimum results. We offer patients full range of testing, diagnostics and therapies. The machines we use are fully equipped, state-of-the-art. We believe in giving the best help and care to the patients.

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