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Infertility Dilemmas

Infertility Dilemmas
Infertility in married couples can create havoc in their happy lives. It brings a sense of dilemma because of the fact that they are unable to produce a child. This usually occurs due to social pressure, as there is the myth in the society that after marriage, the couple should become a parent as soon as possible. Although, it totally depends on the couple to plan their family structure according to their convenience, the situation worsen when they come to know that either one of them is facing the problem of infertility.

Dilemmas in Males Due To Infertility
Many males in India face infertility issues. In India, most families are conservative and have orthodox mindset that never permits them to accept the fact that a male can be infertile. The males living in such families are highly confident that they are capable enough to produce a child, as they are fit and fine in terms of their diet and body. However, it is ironical that most infertility cases are seen amongst males in India. They are not ready to accept this fact and blame their female partners for the same. But after diagnosis, when they come to know the real reason, they might feel ashamed and get into a dilemma.

Dilemmas in Females Due to Infertility
Females are drastically affected by this situation and suffer a lot if they are considered as infertile. Because of the patriarchal society in India, most families blame females for not being able to conceive. They have to face cruel criticism in the society. This situation has a drastic impact on their mind. Sometime, married men in India might opt for a second marriage if they found out that their partner is infertile. Thus, the depth of dilemmas in females due to  infertility is higher than males in India.

Solutions For Infertility Dilemmas
The solution to solve the infertility dilemma in males and females is through proper counseling sessions by qualified doctors and IVF experts. The professionals need to suggest them the right ways of IVF treatment and the importance to diagnose the cause of infertility. Once, the reasons get acknowledged, the counselors can advice the couple to opt for the best mode of IVF treatment that can change their lives and give them reason to smile. Hence, a meaningful counseling and proper awareness of IVF treatment may help the affected couple.

We, at Joy IVF also help our patients to come out of dilemmas through counseling and awareness on possible ways of IVF treatments. Our expert counselors and doctors take one-to-one sessions and listen to the patients problems. They recognize they need and disabilities carefully and suggest concrete solutions for such disorders. We try best ways to remove infertility dilemmas in couples and give them right suggestion to adopt effective IVF treatments.