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Female Infertility

All About Female Infertility Treatment

Infertility in females is a situation which is encountered when they become unable to conceive due to sexual disabilities or sperm disorders in males. As a result, the pregnancy is not achieved by any means. In case of female infertility, only females become disable to produce eggs, or have problems like closure of fallopian tubes or other hormonal issues that restricts them to get pregnant. Here, male can be dominant and his sperm is working well to fuse the egg. But, if female is not capable to produce the required eggs, then fault comes through female's end. Here, the female infertility factors are the real problems in giving birth to a new life.

In most cases, infertility in females comes about one-third of the time than infertility in males. In India, many females have infertility problems due to factors like difficulty or not being able to produce eggs, closed fallopian tubes, hormonal problems etc. Although, female IVF cases in India are increasing day by day, there is no need to worry since the solutions are still available that are reliable and effective enough to get rid of infertility issues in females and help them get pregnant naturally.

A female can check her infertility situation, if she is continuously doing unprotected vaginal sex with her partner since one year and still there is no sign of pregnancy. In this situation, female is suggested to go for a check up along with her partner. If female is getting problem in conceiving, then she needs to go for a diagnosis as suggested by the doctor. Similarly, if the male is having issues in his sperm count or other issues, then he needs to adopt possible mode of treatment like IVF.

The infertility in females can be treated through various means after getting proper check-ups. Once, the reasons are found that are causing infertility, females are advised to go for possible mode of IVF treatment, which can work effectively to cure those damage portion in female sex organ or remove issues that are restricting egg production spontaneously. Here, IVF treatment can give ultimate solutions for all such sexual issues in females. The treatments are 100% safe, reliable and result oriented through which females become capable enough to conceive naturally and attain pregnancy easily.

Thus, the females suffering from infertile situation, they can approach the Joy IVF Clinic, East Delhi today and experience world class solutions for all such infertility problems. Our bunch of highly experienced and qualified IVF doctors are able to give ultimate solutions to affected females. They are able to do all IVF operational or surgical procedures that are effective for females. They also give best consultation to females to adopt possible options for female infertility through IVF treatments. Hence, we ensure to avail perfect and concrete solutions to get outstanding results for infertility in females at our one stop IVF clinic and make them capable to attain motherhood naturally.

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Female Infertility Treatment

The treatment for female infertility starts with medical history and various health checks suggested by our doctors. There is one-on-one discussions with our doctors wherein you need to take part and discuss your issues and medical history. The discussion helps our doctors to determine your daily habits that may have been responsible for the problem. It is advised and requested that you don't hide anything from the professionals who are trying to help you. It is equally important that you stick to the medicines and treatments suggested to you by our doctors. It is a critical problem and needs time to heal. Treatments are offered on the realization of problem(s) causing infertility and it may require you to undergo certain number of tests.

How Does Age Affect Fertility in women?
Females carry finite number of eggs in a lifetime. The number of eggs, their quality starts diminishing with increasing age. On reaching 30, the chances of having a baby decrease almost 3% to 5% and as the age further increases, the chances go down at an alarming rates.

What Causes Female Infertility?

There are different causes that negatively effect fertility in women. From daily habits like smoking to complex medical terms, there are various factors that cause infertility in women. Some of them are as follows-
Damage to fallopian tubes
Hormonal causes
Cervical Causes
Uterine causes
Untraceable causes

A doctor would only be able to comment on the cause(s) once all the tests are done.

What are the Symptoms?
If you are a woman of reproductive age and have been actively involved in unprotected vaginal intercourse but still unable to conceive, then it is the right time to get a check up done.

What Could Increase Risk of Infertility?
Following mentioned factors increase the risk of infertility.
Excessive intake of Tobacco
Frequent intake of alcohol
Being under or overweight
Lack of exercise

How Is Female Infertility Treated?
Female infertility can easily be cured using the following treatments-
Medical therapy
Intrauterine insemination
In vitro fertilization(IVF)
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
GIFT (Gamete Intrafallopian Tube Transfer)
ZIFT (Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer)
Egg donation

It further depends on the type of infertility recognized, however, IVF treatment goes with most of the cases.