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A happy married life is considered to be complete with a child. The frustration levels in couples failing to conceive even after several attempts can be very high. Some may even get depressed with the repeated unsuccessful results. Even couples who are trying to take help of medical procedures like IVF in attaining parenthood suffer from same, in some cases even higher levels of frustration have been noticed because of the longer time spans associated with the procedures. Counseling in such cases can really help prove to be fruitful. Couples usually pickup fights over petty issues which further aggravate the situation. In such times, doctors as counselors prove to be the reliable resort. Moreover, that element of third person who acts as a balancing hand is fulfilled. At Joy IVF, our doctor facilitate, separate as well as joint counseling sessions for the couples. They listen to you patiently and give advice accordingly. Further, counseling not only provides you the opportunity of talking through the implications of the suggested treatment  but also includes elements of support and therapy.