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What is a Blastocyst?
A blastocyst is an embryo developed at early stages (5 or 6 days) of fertilization in females. A well-developed blastocyst should be able to start hatching from outer shell (zona pellucida) from end of the 6th day of fertilization. The developed embryo should be implanted into the woman's uterine within 24 hours of hatching.

The pregnancy through IVF treatment must follow a complete procedure of blastocyst embryo transfer cycle. The laboratory developed embryo should be transferred into the woman's uterine, when it grew up to 50 to 150 cells. This is called as blstocyst transfer stage,when well developed embryo becomes ready to get transferred into a woman's womb and grow naturally. In most IVF treatments, successful results have been seen in such type of embryo transfer treatment.
A well-developed blastocyst has great possibility to be transferred into the uterine wall than embryos in earlier stages. The blasotosycts which are more developed than early stage embryo have great possibility to grow soon.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blastocysts Stage

The benefit of growing an embryo up to blastocyst stage is that it allows to select well developed embryo amidst the collection which is then subjected into the uterine wall to grow rapidly.
The developed blastocyst increases the feasibility of pregnancy and grow the embryo naturally to get positive results after the cycle is complete.
Blastocyst is intended to achieve pregnancy completely and grow at an early stage embryo. It also reduces the chance of miscarriages and increase the chances of pregnancy.

To a major extent, few blastocysts (30 to 50%) have the possibility to survive or grow till this stage.
The process required continuous monitoring for checking status of embryo in laboratory which is a big deal for experts.
The transfer of blastocyst is a very delicate process that requires much attention and care, if not done, there are chances of miscarriage.

Who Is Eligible For Blastocyst Embryo Transfer?

This mode of IVF treatment is applicable for those couples, who have failed in conceiving after many attempts.It enhances the chances to achieve pregnancy by growing an early stage embryo till blastocyst stage and then transfer it to the woman's womb to grow naturally.

The embryo will be developed in the IVF laboratory for 5 days after egg retrieval. At least 5 good quality embryos should be available on the third day after egg retrieval to increase the chances of achieving pregnancy. We, at Joy IVF Clinic offer high quality and effective blastocyst embryo transfer solutions for needy patients. Our team of skilled IVF professionals makes it possible to easily transfer the blastocyst developed in our high-tech laboratory and get it transferred into the woman's womb for further development. We assure our patients to come and experience a safe and result oriented blastocyst transfer services for achieving pregnancy successfully. This can be done at our fully furnished IVF clinic.